Sunday Walk-On

Sunday Walk-on

Sunday Walk-on



Outdoor Location



 10:30am - 4:00pm
No Field Fee  

Free Unlimited HPA 


100rds - $ 5.00 

200rds - $10.00 

300rds - $15.00  

500rds - $22.00

Field Paint Only 


  Storm Warning Paintball  Nearly anyone can play paintball, Like any sport there is a certain amount of physical activity.

Paintball is more of a game of planning, strategy and teamwork. This element virtually puts everyone on equal basis. These players range from young & old, male & female.  


  Please Note - Storm Warning Paintball  like all commercial fields, is "Field Paint Only" you must  and that other players clothing will not be stained or damaged.




Sunday Walk-on Rental Equipment

Sunday Walk-on Rental Equipment




HPA Tank 




Coming Soon






Rental Packages consist of the following-Tippmann 98 Custom semi-auto Paintball Marker with a 200 rd hopper, HPA tank with unlimited air fills, and a Barrel Sleeve. They are tough and last for years with very little maintenance, which makes it an excellent choice for a rental marker. Our goggles are JT Enforcer and JT Spectra both of these have thermal lens that eliminates fogging and are the most comfortable field goggles you'll find. 


        Need extra paintballs - See Above Paintballs