Super Heroes, Monsters & Icons

Super Heroes, Monsters & Icons
Event Date: Oct. 19, 2008
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Woodsball with a halloween twist!  Capture the skulls. 


Each team will have 5 colored skulls (a.k.a. flags) in their home base. The skulls will be inside the home base on a mount and not obscured. The object of the game is to score points by maintaining at least 1 of your home team’s skulls and capturing as many as the opposing team’s skulls as possible.


Come dressed in a costume and help your team get the first choice of field location and possibly win a prize for best costume. 

Who knows what the outcome will be!! Which side will you be on? Who will you follow?


Storm warning Paintball Games would like to thank all of the players who made it out to our Super Heroes, Monsters & Icons big game on Oct 19. It’s you the players that make these events such a success. Hope all of you enjoyed this event, your participation in the role playing made the event more enjoyable to play and to watch.
Also we hope you all enjoyed the field upgrades with the new bunkers and the plane crash site as well as the newly groomed field. A lot of time and effort went into putting this game together.
We would like to give special thanks to Dustin Crawford and Dave Mailman who put a great deal of time and effort into the game planning and the make up of the Medicine Men tags and lanyards.Their time and effort in all areas of the game was greatly appreciated. We would also like to thank Jason Oikle for the game idea.
We would like to thank Rick Kane, Nathan Gates, Dave Mailman, Colin Blenkhorn and Devan Adams for all their help with setting up the field and getting the plane crash site set up for this game.
We would also like to thank  Linda and Junior for the food and drinks they provided.
Last but not least  we would like to thank all the Reffs that were on the field all day to make sure everything went according to plan. Travis Jeffrey, Ian Parker, James Walsh, Devan Robarts, Ryan Brown and Devan Adams.
The Best Customs were 1st placed Justin Stone
                                       2nd placed Jason Oikle
                                        3rd placed Dyan Merlin
The game was finished at 4:00pm with the last round Icons with 46 points, Super Heroes ended up with 43 points and Monsters at 15 points.
At 12pm first score tally team Icons getting 7 points first hour, Super Heroes getting 5 and Monsters with 4 points.
At 1pm With the second score tally the Super Heroes and Icons were neck and neck with 16 points and Monsters with only 4 points.
At 2pm the Super Heroes were well ahead with 35 points, The Icons 22 points and Monsters with 4 points.
At 3pm Icons made a push and were able to get 31 points, Super Heroes lost all their skulls and the Monsters were able to gain 15 points.
At 4pm Last round Icons made another push and were able to get 46 points and the Super Heroes ended up with 43 points Monsters at 15 points.
We would like your constructive criticism on this event .Your input will be beneficial to the success of upcoming events. We look forward to hearing from you.
Also there has been a great deal of inquiries regarding a 5 Man woodsball Exhibition Challenge Game, to get started with the teams we will start these events at the indoor and finish at the outdoor. If you are interested in putting a 5 man team in please e-mail us ASAP.
Thanks again,
Brian & Bruce