Twin Duel

Twin Duel
Event Date: Sept 19, 2010
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Twin Duel

Game rules

This is a game involves securing 5 flags in a designated order as established on the field grid map. But the twist is only the team leader can pull the flag: Brian (blue) and Bruce (red) no other player’s are allowed to pull the flags.

Brian - Leader of blue team - Flag Pullers

Bruce - Leader of red team - Flag Pullers

Brian and Bruce must give the flags to the respective team assistant who must give the flag to the head ref. When the flag is received by the head ref the team may proceed after the next flag.

Assistant – 1per team - Assistance duties are to pass in the flags when captured to the head ref.

Medic - 1per team - Medic’s can only heal Bruce or Brian and the assistant.

There will be 5 red and 5 blue flags that will be posted at different locations on the field. At each different location on the filed there will be a red & a blue flag posted together.  Bruce or Brian may only pull his team color and must leave his opponent flag hanging.

Flags must be pulled in order of 1-5 according to the map locations for each set of flags. Both teams will have their flags numbered from 1to 5; the flags must be pulled in sequence: 1, 2…5.

Head ref will place the flags when received from either team on a stand in the middle of the playing field where all roads meet.

Bruce or Brian can be shot at anytime by any player but  regular players cannot kill them… only the special color of paint used by Brian and Bruce will count for the kill and the kill can only happen after all flags for one team are collected and posted by the ref to claim victory.

When all 5 flags of the same team color are pulled and passed in to the head ref then Brian and Bruce can go after each other.  The first one to shoot the other with the specified color paint will claim victory.

Only event paint will be used for this game, all players will have same color paint. Bruce and Brian will have a different color and they must take a hit from the other leader of the opposite team to be killed. ie only Bruce can kill Brian and vice versa.

All players must leave field when hit. Reincarnation to re-enter the field will occur every 10 minutes. When the horn blows you can go back into play.

Brian will start on West side and Bruce will start on East side of playing field of the main road.

 Items Required

5 Red Flags

5 Blue Flags