Event Date: Aug 22, 2010
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Operation M.I.A (Missing in Action)

Scenario Game Sun Aug 22, 2010


 The US Marines have pushed the Viet Cong to their last standpoint. Charlie has his finger on the trigger. The many captured shot down American pilots are the last bargaining chip for the Viet Cong.  The Viet Cong are poised to deal a death sentence to them if the Americans don't completely withdraw from Vietnam.  Leave no man behind. The US Marines are coming. Charlie won't know what hit him!

One team will be the defending Viet Cong and the other the attacking US Marines. There will be player roles of medic, demo tech, Sergeant, helicopter pilots these roles will be chosen at time of registration.

Pre-registration starts now!       This is a RAIN OR SHINE event

Register before Aug 21, 2010  

Entries - $15.00 per player for this game

*Includes-Free Event Patch (first 150 players)

 Free rental equipment use for this game (Includes goggles, gun, and air tank)


Register on game day Aug 22, 2010

Entries - $20.00

Rental Equipment use for this Game $5.00

(Includes goggles, gun, and air tank)

*Includes-Free Event Patch (first 150 players while quantities last)


All single retail items are Goggles - $5.00 Tank - $5.00 Gun - $5.00


Paint $20.00/500 bag (Event Paint Only)
Free air HPA 3000 psi fills.
Co2 $5.00 all day (9-20oz)




Door prizes will be given out at end of the game when armbands returned.


How to Pay


You can pre-register by, money order, Cash at the store or at field.
Please make payment to:   C/o brucesonline.com

Mail to

8916 Commercial St.

New Minas

B4N 3C9
Telephone: 902-681-9469
FAX: 902-681-0742


Please be sure to include the following info with your payment: Name, Address, Phone #, E-mail.
More Info E-mail me at

M.I.A. Missing in Action


  1. This game will comprise of 2 teams.  The defending Viet Cong team will account for approximately 55% of the players on the field and the attacking US Marines will account for approximately 45%.
  2. The basic game play is for the US Marines to re-claim the POW's that the Viet Cong have imprisoned.  The Viet Cong are able to move the POW's as many times as they wish, to as many locations as they wish.  Both teams are only able to have 1 player possess/handle 1 POW at a time.  If a player is eliminated while moving the POW then basic capture the flag rules apply.
  3. There will be numerous objectives for the US Marines to capture throughout the game.  The Viet Cong must hold/control/capture these objectives by the end of the game/time period.  The US Marines must hold/control these objectives for the designated time period or capture these objectives.  Objectives will be presented to the team commanders during the game.  If a player is eliminated while carrying an objective then basic capture the flag rules apply.
  4. Select players from the Viet Cong team are able to stage the playing field a 1/2 hour before the game begins.  These players can set up paintball landmines and bobby traps (a.k.a. devices) at this time.  All players must still wear proper paintball masks while in the playing field.  All devices must be cleared and deemed safe by field officials before they can be used in the field.  Each item used must be tagged by field officials (just like markers that have been chronographed).
  5. Viet Cong players are the only players able to move paintball landmines and booby traps.  US Marine players are only able to disarm the paintball landmines/booby traps.  Please note that some of these devices may be expensive, delicate and belong to players or be field equipment. Please be respectful of dis-arming them as to not cause damage.  Players caught damaging devices may be asked to leave premises without a refund and be responsible for repair/replacement of damaged device(s).
  6. The game will begin with the Viet Cong staging in the field a 1/2 hour before the game officially begins.  At the final minute warning all players from the Viet Cong team should be on the field.  Once the game begins the US Marines are able to enter the field at any of the 3 entrances / exits they wish and/or use the Helicopter Pilots to enter the game.
  7. The re-spawn area for the Viet Cong will be the road on the West boundary of the field.  This is the only area Viet Cong players are able to both enter and exit the field.  The centerfield entrance/exit can only be used to exit by the Viet Cong.  Players eliminated from the US Marines may enter and exit from any of the 3 entrances/exits at the lower field.
  8. Radios are allowed.  The assigned channels will be #1 for referees and field staff only, Viet Cong #2, 4, 6 etc. US Marines #3, 5, 7 etc.  “Illegal talking” will not be allowed.  This includes anytime a player speaks, motions, radios or otherwise communicates with their team members after they have been eliminated from play.  Deadmen don’t talk!


Player Characters:

  1. Each team will have approximately 1 Medic for every 10 players.  Rules for Medics are as follows:

 a)    Medics will be the only players allowed to “heal” other players.

 b)    Once a player is hit they must yell “hit, and cease play.  They then can yell for a Medic, but must stay where they have been eliminated.

 c)    If the player was carrying any objective standard capture the flag rules apply.

 d)   If there is no Medic in the hit player’s area to punch the player’s dog tag then the player is eliminated and must return to their staging area.  Referee’s discretion may be used (e.g. no medic that can reach the player because of a fire fight, etc.).

 e)    Medics can’t “heal” themselves.

  1. Helicopter Pilots will be used to do heli- drops. Heli drops are similar to air drops.
    The rules for heli drops are as follows:

 a)    The Pilot will lead 5 other players by tow rope to their destination on the field.  The Pilot will be at the head of a tow rope.  The Pilot will guide players to their drop point on the field.

 b)    Heli drops cannot land inside bunkers and must be at least 10 feet away from bunkers/structures/trees.

 c)    The players on the heli drop can’t fire at players while holding the tow rope.  Players witnessing the heli drop cannot target or advance on the players involved in the heli drop while they are holding the tow rope.

 d)   Players that drop their hand from the tow rope during flight are considered eliminated and must return to his/her staging area.  In this case Medics can’t be used to “heal” players.

 e)    Anytime the Pilot wants to land, to drop off or pick up players he/she must countdown from 5 and kneel down on 1 knee.  Once the Pilot has his/her knee touching the ground players can drop their grip on the tow rope and engage other players on the field or grab the tow rope to be airlifted away.  While the helicopter is landing (during the countdown) the Pilot can also fire at opposing players.  While taking off the reverse will take place.

 f)     POW's or objectives can be transported by helicopter back to the US Marine base.  Note the Pilot can’t carry POW's or objectives. Only 2 US Marines can carry 2 POW in this situation or each US Marine can carry 1 objective.

 g)    While the helicopter is in flight it can only be shot down or eliminated with a toss from a designated Nerf rocket.  If the Nerf Rocket hits any player in the heli drop the helicopter is eliminated from play.  The Pilot will then give his/her Pilot vest over to any field official.

 h)    Once the helicopter has landed the Pilot can be eliminated like any other player.  If eliminated, the Pilot must exit the field to their re-spawn area.  A Medic can’t be used.  The helicopter can come back into play when the Pilot re-enters the field.

 i)      Players can switch off being Pilots only when the helicopter is in the re-spawn area.

 j)      If the team no longer wants to continuously fly the helicopter then they can park it in their re-spawn area (remove the designated vest).


9:00am – Players staging begins.  Markers are to be chronographed.  Paintball landmines and booby traps are to be tagged safe by field officials.

10:15am – M.I.A. Missing in Action game safety briefing.

10:30am – Select Viet Cong player’s stage in the field.  Paintball landmines and booby traps are placed.

10:45am – 15 minute warning.

10:59am – Final minute warning.

11:00am – Game begins.

4:00pm – Game ends.


General Rules:

  1. Each player will be issued a team color armband that will be consistent with all members of that player’s team.  Each player must wear the armband on the left arm between the elbow and shoulder in a plainly visible fashion (no over lapping clothing).
  2. All safety rules of the field shall be honored.  In the staging area and any area outside of the playing boundaries markers MUST have barrel sleeves and the safety on.  Zero tolerance.
  3. Masks must be worn on the playing field at all times.
  4. All players must chronograph their markers to be under the field limit of 280fps.  All paintball landmines and booby traps must be cleared and deemed safe by field officials before they can be used in the field.  Each item used must be tagged by field officials (just like markers that have been chronographed).
  5. Anytime a player yells “hit”, “out”, puts their barrel sleeve on their barrel or waves their paintball marker above their head the player is eliminated, regardless of an actual paintball break.


Surrenders: We request, whenever possible, that you request players within 20 feet to surrender. This is not a hard and fast rule, but a strongly suggested guideline. We also recommend that players who are given this option accept it graciously. The player who asked was displaying good sportsmanship. Please don't reward them with a close shot. Thank them for not shooting you at close range and go to your re-spawn area.

  1. Elimination is defined as any hit or splatter from a paintball and/or grenade and/or landmine and/or booby trap or subsequent break resulting in a marking on the player and/or their active equipment (this includes any part of the Ghille suit for sniper players.) that is equal to or greater than the size of a dime.  Any paint splatter from a paint grenade or landmine or booby trap, regardless of size, results in a player’s elimination.  Each time a player is eliminated they must return directly to their team’s designated staging area without deliberate delay, unless a Medic is used.
  2. There will be no “playing on”.  “Playing on” is defined as a player moving more than one meter, firing a marker or other weapon, or remaining in the game for more that 3 seconds after the player has been hit with a paintball or paint splatter in an obvious location (at the sole discretion of the referee), with the paintball leaving a spot of paint that, when covered with a dime, will show paint on all sides of the dime (splatter from a grenade, landmine or booby trap are not subject to the dime rule).  A referee will not call a player “out” until 3 seconds after the player has been hit (unless the player calls a paint check on themselves).  There will be no warnings issued, and the referee’s initial determination is conclusive and thereby not open to discussion.
  3. Wiping will be cause for elimination.  Wiping is a player “playing on” after making an effort to obscure or otherwise remove the paint left by a hit.
  4. Players must stay within the confines of the field boundaries.

10.  Grenades, paintball landmines and booby traps are the only special weapons allowed.  A player is considered eliminated if any splatter of paint from a grenade, paintball landmine or booby trap is found on their person, equipment or Ghille suit.

  1. There will be no tolerance for:

 a)                Field adjustment of marker velocity - anytime a player takes a mechanical action, the result of which is to raise the velocity of their or any other player’s marker above the field chronographed speed of 280fps.


 b)                “Hot Gun” - any marker firing consistently more than 5 feet per second over the stated field limit.  Referees may check marker velocity anytime during the game at their discretion.


 c)                Players using any other paint besides event paint.


 d)               Disrespecting field officials and unsportsmanlike conduct, such as but not limited to over shooting players, blatantly violating surrender rule, “Deadman Walking” tactics, foul language and harassment.


 e)                Drugs or alcohol on the premises.


*Violation of the above rules will result in player elimination from the game, request to leave the premises without refund and possibly legal action.


If in doubt, talk to a referee.  The referees are only interested in making sure the players abide by the rules and have a good time.  Any game play that is not covered in the rules will be ruled on as they arise.  Remember the referees are interested in ensuring a good time, promoting safe play and good sportsmanship.


*These rules are subject to change at the discretion of field officials.  Every effort will be made to keep players informed.