8 Man Woodsball Challenge 1

8 Man Woodsball Challenge 1
Event Date: June 13, 2009
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Recreation Player Event   

Pre-registration starts now!   (6 Teams Max)  
June 13, 2009
Start Time – 8:30am
Entries- $15.00 per player            
Deposit due date June 05, 09
Rain or Shine event
Paint - $60.00 per case per player if $20.00 deposit is paid with entry deposit.
Example $15.00+$20.00 =$35.00 deposit, remaining $40.00 when you pick up your case of paint.
Savings of $20.00     OR
Paint on event day $20.00 per bag.
Co2-$5.00 all day (9, 12, 16, 20oz)
Free unlimited HPA 3000 psi fills.
Free Rental Equipment use for this Game-(Includes Goggles, Marker with unlimited Air)
This is a recreation player event no speedball teams.
The winning team name will be added on a large trophy for bragging rights.
Game Format
The format is simple: two teams, two base flags and a center flag. Teams get a point for each minute their color is raised. The game has two rounds (15 min each) 
Teams rotate bases between rounds so each team gets the chance to attack and defend each flag.
How to Pay 
You can pre-register by, money order, Cash at the store or at field.
Please make payment to:   C/o brucesonline.com
Mail to:  brucesonline.com
             8916Commercial St. New Minas    B4N 3C9
             Telephone: 902-681-9469
              FAX: 902-681-0742
Please be sure to include the following info with your payment: Name, Address, Phone #, E-mail.
8 Man Woods ball Challenge June 13, 2009 Update
We would like to thank all the players that made it out to this event, without you these events wouldn’t be possible. We hope all you players had as good of a time as the staff did, we enjoyed talking to all the players and watching the games. We were glad the event started on time and finished on schedule. It was nice to see everyone following the rules and playing fairly.
Congratulations to the winning team, Storm Company, these players were Rick Kane, Dave Mailman, Nick Power, Bill Bennett, Colin Blenkhorn, Colton Porter, Nick Kane, Brian Wagner.
They were able to get 166pt. Well done!
Other team placing:
2nd      Anthrax X                     147 pts
3rd      Valley Commandos        119 pts
4th      Tetragrammaton           105 pts
We also would like to thank the Refs Ian Parker, Devan Adams, Andy Spidle, Travis Jeffrey, Dan Gould, great job.
We also would like to thank Linda and Junior for their help getting equipment ready and food service.