Sleeper Cell

Sleeper Cell
Event Date: Aug 21, 2011
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Sleeper Cell 

Pre-registration starts now!       RAIN OR SHINE EVENT 


Entries - No entry fee for this game 

Paint - $20.00/500 bag (Event Paint Only)
Free - HPA 3000 psi fills.
Co2 -
$5.00 all day (9, 12, 16, 20oz)

Rental Goggles -$5.00

Rental Air Tank-$5.00


Rental packages - $5.00

For this Game (Includes goggles, gun, and air tank.


Register before Aug 21, 2011 to save time on game day.


Note –Coupons that were given out at our 8 man challenge can be used.


How to Pay

You can pre-register by, money order, Cash at the store or at field.
Please make payment to:   C/o

Mail to
8916 Commercial St.

New Minas

B4N 3C9
Telephone: 902-681-9469



9:00am – Players staging begins.  Markers are to be chronographed. Paintball landmines and booby traps are to be tagged safe by field officials.

10:30am – Safety game rules briefing.

10:45am – The Americans will stage on the field. Paintball landmines and booby traps are placed.

10:45am – 15 minute warning.


10:59am – Final minute warning.

11:00am – Game begins.

 4:00pm – Game ends.


1.       There will be a team made up of the defending The Americans (blue) and the attacking team Al-Qaeda (red).

2.       The object of the game is for the al-Qaeda team to plant their bombs inside key areas in the American city (e.g. water treatment plant, bridge, etc.)

3.       The game winner will be decided by points based on how many sites and their point value the American team has defended versus how many sites the al-Qaeda team has destroyed and their point value. All points will be totaled at the end of the game.

4.       The Americans will take to the field first. The al-Qaeda team will then enter the field at any point on the lower field boundary.

5.       If an al-Qaeda player is eliminated while carrying a bomb then they must drop it/place it at the nearest bunker that they were eliminated (standard capture the flag rules apply). They cannot obscure it from other players. At this time another al-Qaeda player can attempt to retrieve it or an American player can pick it up and take it to the bomb disposal site (marked on the map). If the American player successfully brings the bomb to the disposal site it is considered dead and out of play.

6.       The al-Qaeda player must be inside the bunker with the bomb and pull the cord on the smoke grenade (inside the bunker) to destroy the water treatment plant, etc and be awarded the points.

7.       The American team will have 2 Air Drops at their disposal that they can use at anytime. The rule for air drops are as follows:

AIR DROP: An air drop is to be arranged by the American team member and a field official. The American team member chooses the field location of the air drop and relays this to a field official. Air drops will only last 1 minute. There will be no air drops on fixed objects. Players involved (a maximum of 6 players) in the airdrop cannot fire or use any special equipment at this time. Opposing players cannot shoot on players involved in the airdrop. Be aware of the proximity of players when you do your air drop the field official will “pilot” the players by them holding on a tow line to the chosen location. The field official will “fly” the players the most direct route possible. Once at the air drop location the players will have a 5 second count to drop the rope and resume play. Any players that lose their grip on the tow line before the air drop are considered eliminated.

8.       Sleeper Cell: there will be a non-disclosed number of players that will be embedded with the American team that are actually working for the al-Qaeda team. They will be acting / playing like all other players on the American team. They will be in contact with the al-Qaeda team and when instructed (at any given time, without any notice) they will carry out the wishes of the al-Qaeda team. They will not take off their armband or have any designation that they have switched sides. These wishes may be to re-con targets or American player positions or they may be activated as a human bomb. (*Note: Sleeper Cell players CANNOT plant al-Qaeda bombs on the American targets). If the Sleeper Cell player(s) are used as a human bomb than they will pull/mark the area with a white smoke grenade. Anyone within 40ft. of them (American or al-Qaeda) are eliminated. Once this happens the Sleeper Cell player will reveal a card indicating that they are in fact an al-Qaeda player. All players then must go back to their respectitive re-spawn areas and then re-enter the game. Sleeper Cell players will then become al-Qaeda players with red armbands when they re-spawn.

9.       The field map will list the names of various bunkers that are the key areas in the American city. There will also be barriers (orange snow fence) set up around the field. Players are not allowed to breach this fence by crawling under, jumping over, breaking through, etc. The only way through these areas are the designated breaks in the barrier.


1.       Each player will be issued a team color armband that will consistent with all members of the player’s team. It is highly recommended that each player wear the armband on the right arm between the elbow and shoulder in plainly visible fashion.

2.       All safety rules of the field shall be honored. In the staging area and any area outside of the playing boundaries markers MUST have a barrel sleeve and the safety on. Zero tolerance.

3.       Masks must be worn on the fields at all times.

4.       All players must chronograph their markers to be under the field limit of 280fps. Players that do not have their markers chronographed and tagged by field officials will not be allowed on the field until they do so.

5.       Anytime a player yells “hit”, “out”, puts his/her hand up, barrel sleeve on his/her barrel or waves his/her marker above his/her head the player is eliminated, regardless of an actual paintball break.

*NOTE: If you have an easy shot on a person at which you have the time to pick your shot then kindly shoot an area (such as a pod pack) that would cause minimal pain. If possible, within 20ft. offer your opponent the option of surrender. If the player does not surrender then players are free to continue play.

6.       Elimination is defined as any hit or splatter from a paintball and/or paintball grenade/paintball landmine or subsequent break resulting in a marking on the player and/or his/her equipment that is equal to or greater than the size of a dime. Any paint splatter from a paintball grenade/paintball landmine, regardless of size, results in a player’s elimination. Each time a player is eliminated they must return directly to his/her team’s re-spawn area without deliberate delay.

7.       There will be no “playing on”. “Playing on” is defined as a player moving more than 1 meter, firing a marker or other equipment, or remaining in the game more than 3 seconds after the player has been hit with a paintball in a obvious location (at the sole discretion of the field official), with the paintball leaving a spot of paint that, when covered with a dime, will show paint on all sides of the dime. A field official will not call a player “out” until 3 seconds after the player has been hit (unless the player calls a paint check on themselves.) There will be no warning issued, and the field official’s determination is conclusive and thereby not open to discussion. Players caught “playing on” will be eliminated.

8.       Wiping will be cause for elimination. Wiping is a player “playing on” after making an effort to obscure or otherwise remove paint left by a hit.

9.       Players must stay within the confines of the field boundaries. Players caught outside the field boundaries will be eliminated.

10.   Radios are allowed. Channel #1 will be for field officials only. “Illegal talking” will not be allowed. This includes anytime a player speaks, motions, radios or otherwise communicates with his/her team members after he/she has been eliminated from play.

11.   Paintball grenades and paintball landmines are the only special equipment allowed. Any non-pyrotechnic, hand thrown grenade shall be allowed. Paintball landmines are subject to inspection from field officials and must be tagged to be used.

12.   There will be no tolerance for:

·         -Field adjustment of marker velocity - anytime a player takes action, the result of which is to raise the velocity of his/her marker above the field limits.

·         -“Hot gun” – any marker firing consistently over the field safety limit of 280fps. Field officials may check a marker velocity anytime during the game at their discretion.

·         -Players using any other paint besides event paint.

·         -Disrespecting field officials and unsportsmanlike conduct, such as but not limited to overshooting players, “Deadman Walking” tactics, “Freight Training”, intentional head shots, foul language and harassment.

·         -Drugs and/or alcohol on the premises.


Violation of the above rules (especially rule #12) may result in player elimination from the game and request to leave the premises without refund.


If in doubt, talk to a field official. The field officials are only interested in making sure players abide by the rules, play safe, and have a good time. Any game play that is not covered in the above rules will be ruled on as they arise.

*These rules are subject to change at the discretion of the field officials. Every effort will be made to keep players informed of the changes.