8 Man Tactical Woodsball Challenge 1

8 Man Tactical Woodsball Challenge 1
Event Date: Sun. June 26, 2011
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Pre-registration starts now!   (6 Teams Max)  Rain or Shine Event

June 26, 2011

Start Time – 7:30am Sharp 

Entries- $10.00 per player  


Paint - $65.00 per case per player. Event Paint Only

Co2-$5.00 all day (9, 12, 16, 20oz) 

Free unlimited HPA 3000 -4500psi fills. 

Deposit paid in full by June 24, 2011


Free Rental Equipment use for this Game-(Includes Goggles, Marker with unlimited Air) 


Bonus for signing up

$15.00 off on your next case of paint bought for any Sunday walk-on

$15.00 off event paint to our next big game (Aug 21, 2011)

1 free ticket to be entered in a draw for a TM15 paintball gun


All games will be played on Sunday morning before walk-on.

This will allow all players to finish their day during Sunday walk-on


This is a recreation player event no speedball teams.  






8 man game in the woods. Teams may have up to 10 players and 1 pit crew (GAME PLAY rule #5) on their roster. They may only field 8 players at any given time during the game.

1.             Positions on the team will consist of 1 Team Captain, 2 Heavy Gunner, 1 Sniper and 4-6 Rangers.

2.             Objective: to score as many points in 45 minutes by capturing objectives and bases.

3.             45 minute game. A siren will sound every 5 minutes for player re-spawns. The window for re-spawns will last 20 seconds after the re-spawn time. (e.g. at the 5 minute re-spawn mark players are able to re-enter the field up to the 5 minute 20 second mark of the game)

4.             Paint fee is $65.00 per case per event. No league paint can be carried over from one league event to another. Any leftover paint from league event can be used on any Walk-on Sunday.




1.             Captain – Abilities: Sets the roster for the team, calls in the use of special weapons, and communicates with field officials and pit crew. Marker restriction: any marker that is semi only. 200 round hopper or less.

2.             Heavy Gunner – Abilities: Does not count against team marker restrictions. Marker restriction: none. No rate of fire restriction. Can use any available hopper on the market.

3.             Sniper – Abilities: Starts the game 20 seconds before any other players. During this time he/she cannot acquire any objectives, raise flags and/or engage any other player(s). Marker restriction: any marker that is semi only (e.g. pump, A5, Automag). Marker cannot carry more than 50 rounds, may be magazine fed. Sniper is the only player that may wear Ghille type camouflage. Because of the nature of Ghille suits snipers must call ball bounces as “hits” as well as paintball breaks.

4.             Rangers – Marker restriction: any marker that is semi only. 200 round hopper or less.

5.             All team members may carry an additional marker. It must be a pistol or pump, 10 rounds or less magazine capacity.




1.             Each team is expected to report to the staging area 20 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the game. At this time players are expected to chronograph markers to the field limit of 280fps and ready their equipment.

2.             Each team member will receive 2 armbands that are to be worn on each arm above the elbow. These armbands will indicate team color and the player’s position on the team (e.g. Captain, Sniper, Heavy Gunner, etc.)

3.             Team home flag bases will be decided by a coin toss prior to the game. Coin toss winner will be able to decide to choice either the headquarters or the telecommunications post as their home flag base.

4.             Teams will start at a home start base that will be placed 150-200ft. away from their home flag base. These bases (tents with safety netting) will house the team equipment, paint, air (supplied by the field) team substitute players, etc. It may also contain 1 pit crew. That person is able to assist team players while staging for the game or during re-spawn. This person is not an active field player and cannot be substituted but may use a walkie talkie to coordinate with other team players.

5.             The game will start be the Head Referee giving a 1 minute countdown. Players must start in the designated start area at their home start base. Any players not conforming to this rule will be eliminated. During the countdown the sniper will be allowed to enter the field at the 40 second mark. The game will begin with 1 horn blast 20 seconds after the sniper has left their home start base. In case of a false start teams will called back and game start procedures will start over.

6.             Each team will then try to raise flags at their respective team home flag base and then do the same at their opponent’s team home flag base and the remaining 2 flag bases on the field. Each team home flag base and flag base will have the flags of both teams (red and blue).




There will be 3 capture objectives hidden on the field per game:

1.             RECON: The team Captain notifies a referee that he/she wants to use this objective. 1 player from the team can walk the field for a maximum of 5 minutes and report their recon to their team, whether by radio or after their recon. This player will be marked with a yellow flag. The player must start and finish their recon at their home start base. The player cannot engage opposing players, pull flags, etc. During this 5 minute period the player must not participate in the game play other than reporting to their team.

2.             INSTANT RE-SPAWN: 8 yellow dog tags that allow players to immediately re-enter the game, from their home start base, when they get eliminated. The 5 minute player re-spawn does not apply. Dog tags can only be used once and are to be given to the home start base official when players want to use this objective.

3.             AIR DROP: An air drop is to be arranged by the team Captain and a field official. The Captain chooses the field location of the air drop and relays this to a field official. There will be no air drops on fixed objects. Players involved in the airdrop cannot fire or use any special equipment at this time. Opposing players cannot shoot on players involved in the airdrop. Be aware of the proximity of players when you do your air drop the field official will “pilot” the players by them holding on a tow line to the chosen location. The field official will “fly” the players the most direct route possible. Once at the air drop location the players will have a 5 second count to drop the rope and resume play. Any players that lose their grip on the tow line before the air drop are considered eliminated.

*NOTE: A player can only carry 1 capture objective at a time. If the player is eliminated before he/she returns to their home start base with the capture objective then the capture objective must be placed at the nearest bunker or visible location from where the player was hit (standard capture the flag rules apply). Any other player can then collect the capture objective.




1.             Regular re-spawns will be at the 5 minute, 10 minute, 15 minute, etc. until the 40 minute mark of the game. Players will be allowed to re-enter or substitute into the game at those intervals. All roster restrictions apply (e.g. team cannot field 3 Heavy Gunners). Players must be sure to always be wearing the correct armbands for the position that they are playing.

2.             Players in the home start base have to wait for the 5 minute siren for re-spawn. The window for re-spawns will last 20 seconds after the re-spawn time. (e.g. at the 5 minute re-spawn mark players are able to re-enter the field up to the 5 minute 20 second mark of the game) If players miss this window then they must wait until the next re-spawn interval to re-enter the game. The only exception is if the instant re-spawn objective(s) is/are being used.

3.             Players must be in the designated start area at their home start base while waiting to re-enter the game or be inside their home start base.

4.             Players can return to the home start base at any time to re-supply but must wait for the next re-spawn time to re-enter the field/game.




1.             There will be a 2 horn blast at the 45 minute mark to indicate that the game is over.

2.             All team members must return to their home start base.




1.             Game stoppages will occur only in the event of an emergency.

2.             Only field officials have the authority to stop or end the game.

3.             Game stoppages will be indicated by the Head Referee/referees calling “Freeze!” every player has to remain in the position he was in when the freeze call was made.

4.             If the game can be restarted, the clock will resume where it was stopped. Teams will remain in possession of any flags accrued before the game stoppage.

5.             If the game cannot be restarted, teams will receive credit for the points earned before the stoppage of the game, as well as points for flags owned at the stoppage. These flags will continue to accrue points for what would have been the remaining time left in the game.




1.             1 point for every minute an objective flag has been swung to a team’s color.

2.             1 point every minute the team’s base flag stays on their team’s color.

3.             20 points if it pulls its opponents base flag for the first time. Each team can only score this once per game.

4.             3 points for every minute the opponents (defending) base flag is swung to their (attacking team) color.

5.             20 points for each capture objective.




All safety rules of the field shall be honored. Inside the team home start bases, the staging area and any area outside of the playing boundaries markers MUST have a barrel sleeve and the safety on. Zero tolerance.

1.             Masks must be worn on the fields at all times.

2.             Anytime a player yells “hit”, “out”, puts his/her hand up, barrel sleeve on his/her barrel or waves his/her marker above his/her head the player is eliminated, regardless of an actual paintball break.

*NOTE: If you have an easy shot on a person at which you have the time to pick your shot then kindly shoot an area (such as a pod pack) that would cause minimal pain. If possible, within 20ft. offer your opponent the option of surrender. If the player does not surrender then players are free to continue play.

3.             Elimination is defined as any hit or splatter from a paintball and/or paintball grenade/paintball landmine or subsequent break resulting in a marking on the player and/or his/her equipment that is equal to or greater than the size of a dime. Any paint splatter from a paintball grenade/paintball landmine, regardless of size, results in a player’s elimination. Each time a player is eliminated they must return directly to his/her team’s re-spawn area without deliberate delay.

4.             There will be no “playing on”. “Playing on” is defined as a player moving more than 1 meter, firing a marker or other equipment, or remaining in the game more than 3 seconds after the player has been hit with a paintball in a obvious location (at the sole discretion of the field official), with the paintball leaving a spot of paint that, when covered with a dime, will show paint on all sides of the dime. A field official will not call a player “out” until 3 seconds after the player has been hit (unless the player calls a paint check on him / herself) There will be no warning issued, and the field official’s determination is conclusive and thereby not open to discussion. Players caught “playing on” will be eliminated.

5.             Wiping will be cause for elimination. Wiping is a player “playing on” after making an effort to obscure or otherwise remove paint left by a hit.

6.             Players must stay within the confines of the field boundaries. Players caught outside the field boundaries will be eliminated.

7.             Radios are allowed. Channel #1 is for field officials only. Illegal talking” will not be allowed. This includes anytime a player speaks, motions, radios or otherwise communicates with his/her team members after he/she has been eliminated from play.

8.             Paintball grenades BT-M8 and BT-M12 and paintball landmines are the only special equipment allowed. Any non-pyrotechnic, hand thrown grenade shall be allowed. Paintball landmines are subject to inspection from field staff

9.             Field adjustment of marker velocity/firing modes - anytime a player takes action, the result of which is to raise the velocity or alter the firing mode of his/her marker above the field/game limits. “Hot gun”– any marker firing consistently over the field safety limit of 280fps. Field officials may check a marker velocity anytime during the game at their discretion.

10.  Players using any other paint besides event paint.

11.  Disrespecting field officials and unsportsmanlike conduct, such as but not limited to overshooting players, “Dead man Walking” tactics, “Freight Training”, intentional head shots, foul language and harassment.

12.  Drugs and/or alcohol on the premises.


Violation of the above rules (especially rule #10) may result in player elimination from the game and request to leave the premises without refund.


If in doubt, talk to a field official. The field officials are only interested in making sure players abide by the rules, play safe, and have a good time. Any game play that is not covered in the above rules will be ruled on as they arise.




1.             Carrying more than 1 capture objective team forfeits each capture objective and the corresponding points (20-60 points) to the other team.

2.             Changing firing modes and adjusting velocity player is eliminated from remainder of game.

3.             Players re-entering the field before re-spawn times 5 points.

4.             “Playing on”, wiping paint, playing outside of field boundaries, “illegal talking” 10 points and player eliminated from remainder of game.

*These rules are subject to change at the discretion of the field officials. Every effort will be made to keep players informed of the changes.